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Couples Make Great Franchisees, and Here’s Why!

Share Our Home Improvement Franchise Opportunity with Your Spouse

Closet & Storage Concepts franchisees love the refreshing collaborative and family atmosphere we’ve established. We truly value our franchise owner’s input and dedication to their business, and we welcome couples to invest together. From the top-down, Closet & Storage Concepts is a team effort and taking on our home improvement franchise opportunity with your partner is no different.

Franchising with your better half is fairly common. Some 43% of small businesses in the U.S. are family-owned and run, with 53% sharing a role in the daily operations. This equates to almost 13 million family-run businesses. While managing a marriage and a business together isn’t easy, there are many reasons to consider a shared franchise with your spouse.

The Best of Both Worlds

Running a home improvement franchise with your partner could be a great choice for your family. If you’ve ever wanted to go into business for yourself, you know you’ll want someone who understands you by your side. Plus, working with your partner can deepen your relationship and respect for one another while building a family legacy.

Some of the reasons to consider starting a Closet & Storage Concepts franchise opportunity with your spouse include:

  • Sharing goals. Your life partner understands you better than anyone else and knows your own specific set of personal and financial goals. Instead of relying on outside executive staff, couples can make more money working together on a shared investment. There’s no one better to go into business with than the person you implicitly trust and who has your back. You’ll both look out for your financial future and work toward a common goal together.
  • Sharing time. Owning a franchise jointly allows you to spend more time together and enjoy each other’s company and talents. Since you already know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, as a unit you can help each other bring out the best in one another and benefit from the additional time you’ll have working together.
  • Sharing passion. If Chip and Joanna Gaines can do it, so can you two! Invest in your passion, grow an exciting business, and finally claim professional freedom. Become your own bosses and leave the daily grind behind while helping each other achieve your common goals. With you both involved in the business, you’ll have a shared passion that combined you can feel strongly about. This passion can help bring couples even closer together, and you’ll both be able to enjoy the rewards and time together.
  • Sharing respect. Respect is the foundation of any great partnership. When you open a franchise together, you’ll each have the opportunity to carve out a new role for yourselves. Taking the time to respect each other’s choices, opinions, strengths, and roles will help you form a strong team that builds upon your areas of expertise. You can then utilize that expertise to develop a strong business plan to take the opportunity to the next level.
  • Sharing responsibility. By carving out clear-cut roles for yourself and your spouse, you’ll have a clear definition of who does what in your business. This is a good idea for prospective employees, as you’ll want future staff to have a clear definition of how each of you can help with certain components.

You’ve found your life partner in your spouse, and Closet & Storage Concepts can become your ideal franchise business partner. We hope you and your spouse consider a home improvement franchise opportunity with us for a rewarding experience.


Are you interested in learning more about a franchise opportunity with Closets & Storage Concepts? Get in touch with a member of our team today for more information.


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