How to Start a Closet Design Business as a Franchise

Working professionals of all sorts of backgrounds often reach a point in their careers where they start to seriously consider working in an industry that they are more passionate about. However, some find themselves boxed in by the fact that they don’t have much experience in running a business, particularly within the specific industry they want to work in.

For those looking to make the most of their closet installation and home improvement interests, the Closet & Storage Concepts team has what it takes to show them how to start a closet design business.

Since first starting our business over two decades ago, the Closet & Storage Concepts team has worked to make ourselves one of the most recognized and trusted brands for closet design and installation. During our time within the industry, we have experienced a great deal of change alongside our customers. This has given us a large amount of valuable experience to draw on as we seek to satisfy our customers and support each one of the new franchisees that joins the Closet & Storage Concepts brand family. Throughout our time operating as a franchisor in the home improvement industry, we’ve leveraged the lessons that we learned to put entrepreneurs who franchise with us in better positions for success.

How We Set Your Closet Designer Franchise Apart

Overcoming the hurdles and challenges that arise when starting a new business can be difficult to manage on your own, especially when the business owner is entering a new industry. Even for those who are passionate about the industry, entrepreneurship adds a completely different element compared to when they originally considered it more of a hobby or general interest.

Closet & Storage Concepts can help newcomers familiarize themselves with the home improvement industry and build a business they can be proud of thanks to our franchising business model.

We provide comprehensive training and support to ensure new franchisees start off on the right foot and continue their positive momentum as they carve out a presence for themselves in their market. A Closet & Storage Concepts franchise also comes with flexible investment options so entrepreneurs don’t have to overextend their personal finances to start the business they’ve been dreaming of. At the same time, our initial franchise fee helps cover all the resources the new business will need to help launch our franchisees’ careers as closet designers.

Six Simple Steps to Get Started

At Closet & Storage Concepts, we map out our full franchising process for new investors, so that they can get a clear picture of what they can expect as they prepare to open a new business. By following these six steps, our franchisees will find a more streamlined path to building the closet installation business that they’ve been pursuing for some time:

  1.       Complete Our Registration Form – Visit our website and fill out our online registration form, where we’ll ask to learn more about what has motivated you to start a Closet & Storage Concepts franchise.
  2.       Initial Meeting – Once we have your investor profile from the registration form, we’ll set up an introductory call with one of our franchise development experts to discuss our franchise opportunity and if it is a good fit for you.
  3.       Submit Application – As we move forward in the process, we ask that you submit the remaining application forms, which our representatives will be happy to help you with if you have any questions for them.
  4.       Visit Our Headquarters – With your application submitted, we’ll welcome you to our headquarters in West Berlin, New Jersey, where you can meet the Closet & Storage Concepts team members who will help you on your franchising journey.
  5.       Sign Your Franchise Agreement – Next, we’ll give you time to review our Franchise Disclosure Document and make your final decision on becoming a Closet & Storage Concepts franchisee.
  6.       Join the CSC Team – After signing the agreement, we will begin the transition process of setting up your new Closet & Storage Concepts franchise so you have every opportunity to succeed!

If you are wondering how to start a closet design business, Closet & Storage Concepts has the franchise business model that can help you handle many of the challenges that you are unsure about. With our proven track record of success, you can be confident that your decision to franchise with us will be one that you won’t regret!

Contact us today and we’ll walk you through our process to get your Closet & Storage Concepts franchise journey started!

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