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Why Use Our Home Organizing Franchise Process at Closet & Storage Concepts?

Creating an organized storage space as a home improvement project in an existing home has become a preferred choice for homeowners in recent years. Choosing to do so gives property owners additional flexibility within their home, as well as the potential to increase its value – given the project is done correctly. With this in mind, many homeowners have elected to seek out a nearby home organizing franchise, with our Closet & Storage Concepts franchise emerging as one of the more popular closet and storage business franchises in the industry to choose from.

Over our previous two decades in the closet and storage business, we’ve recognized and adjusted accordingly to quite a bit of change within the closet design industry, which has given us the needed expertise to draw from so we can better satisfy our customers and support Closet & Storage Concepts franchise owners. As a result, we’ve established ourselves as one of the top options for customers and franchisees alike. Among the most valuable aspects of what we’ve built during our journey is the brand consistency and standard that motivates our customers to choose Closet & Storage Concepts and keeps our franchisees at the forefront of our industry.

The Benefits of Our Home Organizing Franchise Business Model

While starting a new small business holds a noticeable amount of risk in virtually every industry, it can be even more challenging for those attempting to start a closet design business venture. The traditional small business model often leaves closet design entrepreneurs without much support and racing against a fast-moving clock to turn a profit quickly. By contrast, in launching a home improvement franchise with Closet & Storage Concepts, you’re likely to find a more streamlined path to success than you may discover utilizing a small business model. Additionally, you’ll have access to more support resources and guardrails to limit the chances your business will fail in your efforts to get it off the ground.

By going it alone as a small business owner in the closet design industry you could likely be faced with a lengthy planning process before you can even start operating your business. Often, you will have to spend years carefully planning and putting energy into every detail to feel confident about opening for business. Even then, there is a strong chance of failure, as your business faces an uphill battle to establish itself in a market where more recognized brand names have been building relationships with homeowners for much longer.

Why Pick Closet & Storage Concepts as Your Custom Closet Franchise Choice?

As an investor who partners with us, your franchise can call upon our brand’s rich history and name recognition to resolve any questions that potential customers may have about choosing you for their closet design and home organization challenges. As a new Closet & Storage Concepts franchisee, you’ll undergo a comprehensive training and onboarding program to familiarize yourself with the custom closets industry and what separates us from the rest. This process is designed to fully prepare you to run your franchise even before your grand opening – regardless of any experience limitations you may have prior to getting started.

The Closet & Storage Concepts team is also very diligent about how we set up our new franchisees in the proper territory so they are favorably positioned to succeed one customer at a time. We conduct in-depth research on the demographics of each target market to assist franchisees as they get set to open their business with us. Our team also identifies the nearby competitors within each area and utilizes our brand’s strong foundation to make you the top choice for many seeking help with their closet design projects.

Our support does not end after the grand opening – we frequently communicate with each franchisee to help them identify and avoid obstacles that pop up during their journey. When you enter our franchising process, you’ll quickly understand what makes opening a home organizing franchise with Closet & Storage Concepts one of the best options available to home improvement entrepreneurs.

Contact the Closet & Storage Concepts team today, to request more information about our custom closet franchise and learn what you will get as a franchisee by entering the franchising process with us!

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