What makes a great home improvement franchisee/franchisor relationship

Starting a Home Improvement Business as a Franchise

There are a variety of routes that entrepreneurs can take when starting a home improvement business. While some choose to start from the ground up and open a small business on their own, others find greater success when operating in a franchise business model. By partnering with an established brand name such as Closet & Storage Concepts with a library of corporate resources, these entrepreneurs can gain access to assets that are not as readily available to those who choose to operate their business in other ways.

In this blog, we will discuss these advantages and how they empower franchise owners to elevate their businesses to new heights. With the enablement of the Closet & Storage Concepts corporate team, our franchisees are best positioned to become the top option for consumers looking for assistance with their home improvement projects.

Why Open a Franchise?

Over the past few years, the opportunity that exists for those operating a home improvement franchise has steadily grown in its profitability and attractiveness as a business venture – and many have begun to take notice. A Global Market Insights report estimates that the home improvement market valuation will soar to over $10 Billion by 2027, marking a significant time-sensitive opportunity for those looking to “get in the game.”

Starting a new business venture from the ground up requires a level of commitment in terms of time and finances that many individuals struggle to cover on their own. Launching a franchise offers a simpler and more lucrative path than opening a traditional small business, as the franchisee can expect support with real estate, infrastructure, development, staffing, and more.

Over our three decades of operation, Closet & Storage Concepts has provided entrepreneurs with a franchise process that is designed to be easy to acclimate to and implement so that new franchisees can reach their business goals with minimal obstacles. We work hand in hand with our closet storage franchise owners to grow their business and ensure that they will not have to go it alone.

Closet & Storage Concepts Franchise Resources Lead the Way

The resources offered by the Closet & Storage Concepts team to our franchisees do not stop at just the business essentials that you would come to expect from many franchisors and corporate partners. We supply training to franchise owners and staff at their locations to ensure each franchise can meet customer expectations and address individual home improvement needs from grand opening and beyond. We also have national vendor discount programs that get you a substantial price advantage over buying materials on your own!

After your grand opening, you’re not left to sink or swim on your own. As part of the Closet & Storage Concepts team, you’ll be able to receive continuous support in the form of on-site technical assistance, marketing materials, lead generation efforts, setting and adjusting operational systems, and much more. Our franchise success model ties each location’s growth to our overall business, keeping the individual franchise a valued part of the Closet & Storage Concepts brand family.

If you’re starting a home improvement business, discover how opening a Closet & Storage Concepts franchise can best fit your ambitions and goals on both a personal and professional level.

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