Premier option for a home improvement franchise

Why CSC is the premier option for a home improvement franchise

What Makes Closet & Storage Concepts the Premier Home Improvement Franchise

The state of the housing market has made many homeowners increasingly aware of the current value of their home or property. Among several significant factors that impact the property value are the “condition” of the home and the renovations done on the property. As such, homeowners will likely be in search of a leading home improvement franchise like Closet & Storage Concepts to help them maintain or improve their home’s value.

Closet & Storage Concepts first opened for business over 30 years ago and has been offering franchise opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs for about two decades. Over this time, we have established the Closet & Storage Concepts brand name as one of the best options in the home improvement industry for customers and franchisees alike.

Rising Demand From Homeowners 

With today’s housing market dramatically increasing the importance of home improvement projects and resources, it has also created an increased demand that has greatly benefited our Closet & Storage Concepts franchisees. People who buy a property are often looking to get as much as they can out of the space they purchased, which frequently leads them to us. The closet systems that we install can offer them greater flexibility regarding what they can fit within their new property.

Well-Trained Franchisees

As the franchisor, our Closet & Storage Concepts team takes pride in our efforts to ensure that each new franchisee who opens up a new location with us is fully prepared to hit the ground running. Starting a business can be a daunting challenge in any industry, but it does not have to be overwhelming with Closet & Storage Concepts.

Our franchisees take part in a complete training program that prepares them to handle a variety of critical business operations, including:

  •  Sales procedures
  •  Design
  •  Construction
  •   Building a customer base
  •  Marketing
  •  Finance and operations

Once they’ve completed the training and opened for business, our line of support remains open as we stay committed to helping our franchisees reach their personal and professional goals through the success of their Closet & Storage Concepts franchise.

A Territory That Fits

Another significant benefit for entrepreneurs who choose to partner with us is the access we provide to a large, protected territory. The territories available to our top home improvement franchisees are not limited to the same standard borders that other franchise opportunities might be. Depending on the consumer base that exists around your location, your territory could span across large metro markets or multiple defined counties. Our team will help you identify the territory that fits your business goals the best and gives you a great chance at success.

As a Closet & Storage Concepts franchisee, you’ll be equipped with multiple competitive advantages over the local contractors operating in your surrounding area. One of these benefits is the name recognition and customer loyalty that the Closet & Storage Concepts name has fostered over our three decades of business. And if you are interested in multi-unit franchising opportunities, we’ll work with you to create an opportunity to expand on your existing location and generate multiple revenue streams.

If you’re looking to take advantage of rising consumer demand with a home improvement franchise, the Closet & Storage Concepts team is ready to show you what makes us a leading franchisor in the industry!

Get started with Closet & Storage Concepts today to launch the business you’ve been pursuing to achieve your goals!

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